Tesla Model 3 Tesla ASY M3 3DU REAR IGBT 1120990-00-F

Motor Specs: 

Input Voltage : 280 – 404VDC

Input curent Peak : 600A

Power peak : 200kw

Rotor speed : 18 000 rpm max

Torque peak:  333Nm  243 ft/lb

Regen: 65kw

Gear Ration:  9:1 open differential

Oil pump: electric: 12V 30A peak

Motor efficiency: 97%

Weight: 196 lbs

Oil Type: ATF9

Oil Capacity: 2.2L

For a conversion kit you will need:
Part Description :
From which car :
Used TESLA MODEL 3 ( 18825 MILES )
Part number :
Fit on ? :
2017-2021 TESLA MODEL 3

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