Charging and power supply unit


Charge your vehicles and power what you want, 100% electrically and anywhere. An ideal solution for remote locations or where charging options are limited.

Available in 2023


About our product

CCS & CHAdeMo compatible

Possibility of adding solar panels

40 kW charging speed

Can power any AC compatible device.


Battery capacity: 140 kWh
Charging: 40 kW
Compatibility :CCS & CHAdeMO


Battery capacity: 140 kWh
Three-phase: 480 V / 30 A
Single-phase: 240 V / 30 A





The unit comes with two functions; Recharge and Generator. A touch screen will be available to access the various data and to modify the options. There are two inputs to charge the trailer; J1772 (48 AMP) and/or CHAdeMO (50 kW) and CCS (100kW). There is also an option to charge one of the two batteries while using the other.

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