What to know for your battery

What to know for your motor

1. Parts you must have
You'll need the original brake switch, the accelerator pedal and the high voltage cable. They are not included with the controller.

2. Important information
The controller does not work if you use the front motor only. It works with the rear motor (RWD) or with both motors (AWD).

3. Remote Programming
We now program your parts remotely, it is no longer required to send us your inverter and oil pump.

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What to know about the precharge?

In the TM3 battery, there is no precharge relay or resistor. The Model 3 uses the 12V battery and the PCS to increase the battery voltage by 12V to match the pack voltage. The PCS becomes a key element in closing the pack's contactors. If there is a short circuit or if the capacitors of the equipment connected to the high voltage line are too large and take too long to charge the precharge will approach and the contactors will not close. It is important to do a precharge test with the battery and your equipment to confirm compatibility.

Does your controller support the A/C compressor and PTC unit?

No, you have HV output for these. You are responsible for the thermal management, you need to have a controller that takes the cooling requirement from the motor or battery and handle it with your pumps and radiator.

Do you offer technical support?

If you have a problem or a question related to our controller, we'll help you. Unfortunately, we can't help you with your EV conversion and to build your system. We can't recommend you what to do or how to do your EV conversion.

Does the controller work with the performance model 3 motor?

Yes! Also, if you use the 980 rear motor, we can add 150 HP to it. Contact us for more information.

Can Ingenext sell me parts?

Yes! We have a large inventory of used EV parts.

Is the programming included?

By purchasing our controller, we program remotely your inverter, oil pump, and battery free of charge.

What do I need to know for the programming of my battery?

You’ll need: - Team Viewer - Pcan connected (provided with the battery controller) - A PC with Windows 10 - A good internet connection of at least 30 Mbps internet as well as a wired internet access What you need to prepare: - A 12 Volt must be connected to the 2 studs of the battery with booster cables. - All battery cover bolts must be torqued - The battery must be intact (Not disassembled) - Cabin heater and A/C connector need to have the HVIL loop connected - Both HV output for the motors on the battery pack will have HV connector (with HVIL loop) connected.

I already have my PCAN, can I use it for the remote battery programming?

Yes, if it is this model (You must have this model): [Link to PCAN Model](https://www.peak-system.com/PCAN-USB.199.0.html?&L=1)

Can I use more than 2 batteries with your controller?

Yes, our system can control several batteries. Contact us for more info!

Can I use a battery / Motor from a 2021-2022-2023 Tesla?

Yes, our controller supports the 2018-2019-2022-2021-2022-2023 motor and battery.

How does the application work?

The Ingenext app: - Compatible with Android and IOS. - Data display - Control the drive mode and PRND - Set the limits - Navigation - Customizable according to your needs *You need to buy this OBDlink: [Link to OBDlink](https://www.obdlink.com/products/obdlink-mxp/) / [Amazon Link](https://www.amazon.com/OBDLink-Bluetooth-Professional-Grade-Diagnostic-Performance/dp/B07JFRFJG6)