Ingenext is proud to have collaborated with St-Hubert for the EV conversion of their Volkswagen Beetle

St-Hubert approached Ingenext to electrify its Volkswagen Beetle as part of its 70th anniversary. Not being afraid of a challenge, we gladly accepted!

Technical challenges

We faced several technical challenges including integrating the battery and motor, improving the safety of the vehicle and making the components work. To make the vehicle 100% electric, we used a Tesla Model 3 front motor and a Chevrolet Volt battery.

A unique vehicle 

These components were perfect to meet the needs of St-Hubert who did not require a long range. The vehicle has a range of 120 km and up to 250 HP. We have also integrated a touch screen to control different parameters like heating, lights, etc. We also added buttons on the dashboard to allow the driver to start the vehicle, reverse, etc.

The reuse of components, a brilliant way to electrify vehicles!

 Ingenext is the only company in Quebec to focus on the reuse of motors and batteries from electric vehicles. Our team of engineers and technicians are among the only ones in the world who are able to operate these components. This makes our EV conversions safe, efficient and unique.

Keep your eyes open, you might see the Beetle on a road near you!


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