Nissan Leaf Battery CAN Gateway LBCG



Nissan Leaf Battery CAN Gateway LBCG

Replace your leaf battery easily with our LBCG ! The LBCG is an electronic module installed between the vehicle and the new battery. It is used to convert the the communication between the main computer and the battery to make it compatible with the car it's installed in. It allows you to install a new or used battery without having to make any modifications.

Before ordering your module, you need to find a new battery to install in your car! The module doesn't increase the range of your current battery.


It is compatible with Nissan LEAF vehicles from 2011 to 2019 for the installation of a 24-30-40-62 kWh battery.

  • In a 2011 or 2012 Leaf, you can put any battery: 24, 30 or 40 kWh (2011-2020). We don’t recommend a 62 kWh battery in these years because of the on-board charger, physical adaptations and display mistakes.
  • In a 2013 to 2019 Leaf, you can install a 24, 30, 40 or 62 kWh battery.


Our BCG does not exceed the limits of the battery and there’s no risk of damaging the battery or other components of the vehicle. The BMS (Battery management system) is the master and it makes all decisions regarding charge, discharge, power, temperature and thermal management. Our module doesn’t change the battery request or BMS actions.



Its installation is simple and can be done by any certified technician. It requires no specialized tools and there are only 7 wires to connect. Installation begins with the programming. Before removing the old battery, turn on the vehicle until it is READY, plug the BCG into the obd2 port with the harness provided. The first charging light on the dashboard will light up for 5 seconds, which means that the module is programmed. You can now install your new battery and plug the module under the vehicle.

If you are located in Quebec or Ontario, we can replace your Nissan LEAF battery. We will take your old battery in exchange and its state of health will influence the price of the new battery. The price of installing a 40 kWh battery on your LEAF will be between 9 000$ and 11 000$ CAD. For a 62 kWh, the price will be between 12 000$ and 14 000$. If you want more info, just contact us at

Installer program 

You have a mechanical workshop specializing in electric vehicles and you would like to become a certified installer? Your workshop may be eligible according to certain requirements, which will allow you to install the BCG in your area.

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