It's almost scary..

  • The update transforms your dual motor into a Performance
  • It adds 150 HP to your car...
  • You'll be able to do 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds

Data access

You'll have access to data and several driving modes via a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or laptop:


  • Drift Mode: Disables traction control,Stability control, Regenerative braking, Automatic emergency braking but maintains ABS and Power Steering.
  • Lap Mode: Fully customizable parameters to optimize performance on a race track or other offroad type driving : adjustable front and rear bias of power output, adjustable stability control and adjustable regenerative braking. Also Post-Drive cooling and Compressor overclock can be enable.

Additional options are : Heated rear seat control with web application or rear window switches, Ambient lights, Automatic driver door opening, Automatic frunk and trunk opening with proximity sensors, Drift mode Battery pack heating, Manual wiper control and Live data: battery pack state of health, beginning of life pack energy, full nominal pack energy, isolation resistance of the battery, HV battery voltage/current, LV battery voltage/current, battery and charger temperature


0 - 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds

Important to know

  • This needs to be done in shop and can't be done over the air
  • It only takes 1h to install
  • It's available only for Dual Motor vehicles with a specific motor, to see if you have the right one, look through your left rear wheel (driver side) and take a photo of the code on the motor. You'll then be able to zoom in and to see the code.
    • 1120980 : Good job, you can have the update!
    • 1120990 : Sorry, better luck next time!