It's almost scary..

  • The update transforms your dual motor into a Performance
  • It adds 150 HP to your car...
  • You'll be able to do 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds

Data access

You'll have access to data and several driving modes via a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or laptop:

  • Mode 1: Disables traction control but maintains ABS and Power Steering
  • Mode 2: Optimized for measuring power on a dynomometer
  • Mode 3: Fully customizable parameters to optimize performance on a race track or other offroad type driving : adjustable front and rear bias of power output, adjustable stability control and adjustable regenerative braking.

Additional options are battery pre-heating and automatic driver's door opening on approach. On top of that you'll see more information like temperature, voltage, etc.

0 - 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds

Important to know

  • This needs to be done in shop and can't be done over the air
  • Automatic updates from Tesla won't be available after installing the Ghost upgrade, you'll have to go back to your installer to update your car
  • It only takes 1h to install
  • It's available only for Dual Motor vehicles with a specific motor, to see if you have the right one, look through your left rear wheel (driver side) and take a photo of the code on the motor. You'll then be able to zoom in and to see the code.
    • 1120980 : Good job, you can have the update!
    • 1120990 : Sorry, better luck next time!

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