BONUS Module - For Tesla Model Y Performance



The Bonus Module for Tesla Model Y Performance gives you access to the Lap mode, the drift mode and a lot of cool features. It doesn't improve performance

It works only with the Tesla Model Y Performance with the 1120980 motor. 

  • Lap mode Fully customizable parameters to optimize performance on a race track or other off road type driving : adjustable front and rear bias of power output, adjustable stability control and adjustable regenerative braking. Also Post-Drive cooling and Compressor overclock can be enable.
  • Drift mode : Disables traction control,Stability control, Regenerative braking, Automatic emergency braking but maintains ABS and Power Steering.
  • Heated rear seat control with web application or rear window switches

  • Ambient lights

  • Automatic driver door opening

  • Automatic frunk and trunk opening with proximity sensors *

  • Battery pack heating

  • Manual wiper control
  • Blocks TPMS alerts (BLE)
  • Live data: battery pack state of health, beginning of life pack energy, full nominal pack energy, isolation resistance of the battery, HV battery voltage/current, LV battery voltage/current, battery and charger temperature

  • Heated steering wheel 

  • Hard reset 
  • Regen control 
*Lift Support not included, you have to buy it separately like these :


Check our USER MANUAL for more info ! 


 Installing the Bonus module is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Open the interior panel located at the foot of the front passenger seat, under the glove box.
  2. Plug the two connectors of the module.
  3. Close the panel.

You will receive detailed instructions with your module.

Check the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for more information 


 The Bonus module communicates with the vehicle via WIFI. 

  • If needed, adjustments to the program can be deployed via WIFI to restore functions affected by the manufacturer's vehicle updates.
  • Additional future updates, which can be installed remotely, will grant access to new features.


Any purchaser or user of the Bonus module releases Technologies Ingenext and all its related companies from any responsibility regarding the full or partial validity of the manufacturer's warranty following the use of this equipment. We are not responsible for any modifications the manufacturer could do to your car (ex: turning off some features etc.).

This product will only work if you have a Tesla model Y (SR, SR+, MR, LR Dual, Performance and RWD)


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