Parker MD4-7 CAN display touch screen 7 inch for DI and battery & controller


The MD4-7 screen will allow you to control the DI or battery controller.

For the DI controler you will be able to:

  • Start the motor with a secured PIN
  • Switch from state Park, Rverse, Neutral, Drive
  • Switch from different mode: Chill, Normal, Sport
  • See the speed in MPH or KMH and ajust the tire diameter 
  • Live datas: power and regen in KW, temperatures, Amp

For the battery controler you will be able to:

  • Precharge and close contactors with a secured PIN
  • Switch from state: conditioning, Drive, Charge
  • control the target voltage of the 12v dcdc
  • Control the battery charge level1-2-3 use with the Tesla charge port and ecu
  • Live datas: State of charge, KW charge discharge, kwh available, temperatures, cells voltage, state, max charge and discharge and more.


* For off road use only

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