The FIRST Tesla Model 3 converted to dual


Why we did it? Why not?

We took a 2018 Tesla model 3 Long Range Rear Wheel Drive and we decided to convert it to make it dual motor. We had to instal a front motor, the front wheel hub, the 2 shocks,the axle, coolant hose, high voltage cables and the low voltage cables. What a challenge!


The major challenge was to reprogram the rear motor. It's the master while the front motor is the slave. We replaced the battery for a dual motor one because the connections for the front motor were missing on the original battery.

Did it work?

It works perfectly like an original one! It took one complete day to complete the transformation. If you want to do this modification on your car, you'll void your warranty. The car we transformed was already a salvage car without warranty so it didn't matter.

It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.

- Godfrey Reggio